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Caltech Tech Services

We are excited to announce that Caltech Tech Services Ltd. has merged with Raeyco Lab Equipment Systems Management Ltd. effective December 01, 2013.

Caltech Tech Services has been providing lab equipment repair and lab equipment maintenance services to Canadian laboratories since 1981.

CCM Preventive Maintenance Program
Eliminate lab equipment downtime with Caltech's comprehensive calibration, certification and maintenance program . . .

Cleaning Aids
Caltech has the right cleaning aids to keep your lab equipment sanitary, contaminant-free, and working as it should . . .

24-Hour Repair Service
When the inevitable happens to your lab equipment, there's only one number you need to call . . .

Caltech News
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What is West Nile Virus?
Protection From Power Failure
SARS , Face masks
Use and Maintenance of Vacuum Pumps

Used Equipment For Sale
Click here to view the entire list of surplus lab equipment now available for purchase from Caltech Tech Services.
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equipment listings.

Success Stories

Jobs @ Caltech

Caltech is currently looking to add a new member to its team of professional service technicians.


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