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Caltech Tech Services

We are excited to announce that Caltech Tech Services Ltd. has merged with Raeyco Lab Equipment Systems Management Ltd. effective December 01, 2013.

Caltech Tech Services has been providing lab equipment repair and lab equipment maintenance services to Canadian laboratories since 1981.

CCM Preventive Maintenance Program
Eliminate lab equipment downtime with Caltech's comprehensive calibration, certification and maintenance program . . .

Cleaning Aids
Caltech has the right cleaning aids to keep your lab equipment sanitary, contaminant-free, and working as it should . . .

24-Hour Repair Service
When the inevitable happens to your lab equipment, there's only one number you need to call . . .

Caltech News
Caltech merger with Raeyco LESM
Caltech (div Enerand Holdings) merger with RAEYCO
Effective December 1, management of both companies concluded an agreement to merge the Caltech ...
Rene Andersen Jan 4 2014
Automated Liquid Handling
Biotek Precision
Enhanced Service Offered by Caltech
Automated Liquid Handling Our skilled team of engineers and consultants can offer you ...
Rene Andersen Jul 22 2010
Success Stories
we haven't had any other problems with it since the repair
Our cryostat has been working great since the leak repair! It now keeps temperature during the ...
Sophie Imbeault, UBC Psychiatry Department Mar 17 2003
Nanoparticles in Cancer Treatment
Physicist pairs with pharmaceutical scientist to design nano-particles for cancer imaging
Toronto, ON - In the drive to improve early detection and treatment of cancer, a pair of ...
LabProduct News Dec 7 2009
Biology can't really move forward without automation
A medical researcher studying the structure and interaction of proteins found resulting diagrams resembled huge black hair ball.
IBM came to the rescue with a machine that does 12 teraflops. This is not Grandma's exchange ...
Kathleen Lau Jun 27 2008
Surgeons hone skills in virtual operations
Practical Applications in Increased Computer Power
No one likes to make mistakes, particularly surgeons whose trained minds and hands can save ...
John Blau, IDG News Service Jan 4 2007
Understanding Plate Readers and Microplates Quality Control
Chapter One: Absorption plate reader QC
Microplate readers are found in most laboratories. They are incorporated as chemistry or ...
Caltech Services Nov 30 2004
General Centrifuge Maintenance
A User's Guide to Proper Cleaning and Operation
The Centrifuge: User Maintenance A wide variety of centrifuges are used in the laboratory. ...
Rene Andersen Mar 29 2004
What is West Nile Virus?
THE FACTS: West Nile virus (WNV) is a flavivirus that can infect and cause disease in people, ...
Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre Aug 11 2003
SARS , Face masks
How Effective Are Face Masks?
The efficacy of surgical masks in avoiding SARS Reporter: Rafael Epstein MARK COLVIN: In TV ...
Apr 26 2003
Protection From Power Failure
How to Safeguard the Contents of Your Lab's Ultra Low Temperature Storage Freezers against Power Failures
Power failures and electrical outages can happen undetected at any time of the year. Losing 20 ...
R.L.Andersen, Caltech Tech Services Jan 1 2001

Jobs @ Caltech

Caltech is currently looking to add a new member to its team of professional service technicians.


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